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Chickens rehomed :)

With the paddock area now fenced off I could set to work moving the chooks’ coop and run into it – fresh grass for one and all! I started by stripping down the coop, cleaning it thoroughly with a Jeye’s fluid dilution and then repainting it with a water-based wood preserver which would dry before […]

Let the Fencing Begin!

Glorious sunshine glooped down, puffy clouds sidled by and the delightful chords of a diesel engine trumpeted the arrival of a whopping great tractor and accompanying post piler, along with Clive and JB, the men-at-arms, and Amber, the dog-in-charge. There isn’t really much to comment on except that copious amounts of tea and biccies were […]

Digging for Easter Eggs…

…I wish! A call from the fencing contractor means we might have a paddock fence sometime next week, so the rush was on to level the 2 foot step from the paddock to the main field. Gary and Liz next door needed to level it as it crossed a vegetable plot in their land, and […]

Trench Digging

More is explained in the next post, but the essence of the Easter weekend task list was to level the step from the paddock field to the acre field. Suz and I are going to have a gate put in and need it level, and Gary and Liz are going to have a vegetable plot […]

Rabbits and Raspberries

I’ve mentioned we’ve turned half of the old veggie patch into a seed bed and somewhere for salad veg, but I’d neglected to mention that the other half is going to be a new home for a couple of pet rabbits. So the Easter weekend’s first job was to build a new partition fence, leaving […]

Beans, Carrots & Parsnips

Last year was the first year I grew parsnip. On seeing the rather sorry-looking green foliage in their row my father-in-law enquired as to what I was growing there. “Parsnips” I said proudly. “Are you sure?” he questioned. “Well, that’s what I sowed!” “Doesn’t mean you’ve got anything growing under the surface.” he ended on. […]

Planting in Earnest

The sun gods had seen fit to shine down on Merrybower this morning, Suz was out for the day and I had a day of garden ahead of me. There was a time when the prospect of a day of gardening would have filled me with dread, but whether it’s an age thing, a change […]