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My Poor Back

Fantastic day out on the patch. Not only did I manage to dig the rest of the second vegetable plot over but I also dug over the remaining grass edging strip and sowed more grass seed. The only digging left now is the fruit patch but that can wait for a week or so. Next […]

More Digging

A quick post to say I’ve dug over a half of the second vegetable plot this afternoon. Tomorrow the rest of the plot will be dug and Sunday, sun willing, I’ll be setting more onion sets and sowing peas. Can’t wait! The sowing that is – the digging is just a necessary evil 😛 Oh […]


I had a few hours to kill (well – we never have hours to kill here, before they even begin to look free something pops up to kill them for you!) so I figured I’d get around to more digging – I’ve done so much the last few days I’m beginning to feel like a […]

Tomatoes & Chillis

Whilst digging and parsnip sowing were put on hold due to the ground being exceedingly claggy, there was still time to sow a few seedlings in propogators. This year is the first time we’re trying chillis, brought back from Devon by my parents – my dad’s a sucker for chillis, and Suz wanted to have […]

Chicken clean out

The weekend is the time I set to clean out the chooks. I tend to hand pick out the large poops from the coop’s removable ground tray over the course of the week and throw them on to the manure pile that is gradually building up – the best manure for the veggie patch, so […]

Out in the snow

With the field size being finalised and hopefully we’re on the last leg of the buying process, Suz and I took the opportunity to pop out and measure up accurately so we could use decent measurements. With these we can then work out tree spacings and more importantly, the centre of the field where we’re […]

Keeping our chickens happy over winter

With the inclement weather we’ve been having recently in the UK, I had to gen up rather quickly on ways and means to keep our chickens happy and content over winter. Temperatures were dropping overnight to around -10 Celsius, and whilst their body temperatures will keep the small coop warm to a degree (large enough […]

There’s Grass!

Yesterday I thought the field looked a bit whispy, but then figured it might be my eyesite playing up, so I hopped over the fence to get a closer look and sure enough we’ve about 1″ of growth of grass! Fantastic! Everyone told us if the weather held up for  a week or so we’d […]