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As I sit here and write this, I have a new found respect for the word ‘harrowing’. I ache. My back aches. My arms ache. My neck aches. My aches ache. But it does feel good to have harrowed an acre by hand using 2′ wide wooden tine harrow. We had access to the heavier […]

Pegging Out & Drilling

The wind was calm, the rain nowhere to be seen, the new leather strap had arrived for the fiddle drill and the sun was shining – perfect! We filled up the crap barrow from B&Q  (the tyre looks like a pneumatic tyre but deflates to nothing if you so much as look at it) with […]

Fiddle Drill for Sowing Seed

So there’s now an acre of beautifully ploughed and prepared land, ready for grass seed. You can just about make out the far South East corner by way of the little pole with a rag attached to it, centre picture. After much advice I’ve decided to put in a permanent paddock in terms of grass […]

First Ploughing of the Field

We could hardly contain our excitement! We’d been told by a neighbouring farmer who works many of the fields around us that they’d be ploughing the one behind us soon. Panic had already set in – we’re still waiting on the solicitors to make the purchase but our good neighbour who is selling us an […]

Map of Acre Field

We have finally been given an outline of the acre field, which we can access through a narrow 10ft corridor from the back of the house. We’re still waiting for the solicitors to finalise things, but the farmer we’re buying from has been kind enough to allow us to mark it out as best we […]