The sun god is most definitely favouring us at the moment, and I have a hunch there’s a good year ahead. Taking advantage of the weather, Smiler and I spent a good few hours putting 750 shallot, onion and garlic sets in. We put in Picasso shallots, our favourite pickling shallot, Red Karma onions, a sweet red salad onion that also stores well, and Hercules and Stur BC onions – the latter being a new one on me. The garlic was the Solent White, an ever faithful that has served us well over the last few years. Let’s hope the weather continues! What really surprises me is the cost of onion sets – the Hercules cost less than a penny each! 79p for 100 sets – we could have sown the entire onion patch, 800 onions, for £6.32 – that’s around £200’s worth of onions if bought in the shop. Crazy!


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