Allotment Odd Jobs

After the grass cutting, it was on with a couple of smaller jobs.

2015 Globe Artichokes

Globe Artichokes

The globe artichokes were found their new home – in the same bed as the asparagus, so two permanent plants. Inbetween we’ll grow the sunflowers – for some reason not a great thing to be near as far as the artichokes go, but we don’t really have a choice, and the soil the artichokes are in has never been used for sunflowers. It has however been used for Naturtiums, and you can see the odd stray one popping up, which is all good as we’ll eat the leaves – scrummy on a ham sandwich!

2015 Squash Patch

Squash Patch

Next along was is the root vegetable and squash patch. I sowed even more sweetcorn, so that a couple of squash plants will be under the sweetcorn eventually – so two of the three sister plants together 🙂 We’re mulching the squash plants with the straw from the goose house. It’s not in direct contact with the plants, and the straw doesn’t get too soiled as we clean it out regularly, so hopefully the nitrogen won’t be too harsh.

As you can see – the parsnips in the foreground are doing great guns – same goes for the carrots under the enviro-mesh behind them 🙂 It’s all looking a bit green!

2015 Brassica UpdateFinally a quick peak through the scaffolder’s netting to see how the brassicas are getting on. As you can see, it’s doing its job – no slug or pigeon damage yet and the fabric is doing a great job of keeping the moisture in!

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