Little Grey Fergie

2016 little grey fergie

“Dunk, there’s an auction over in Newark – they’re selling off loads of old tractors.” Suz taunted me with. We really probably don’t have quite enough land to warrant a tractor, something like a sit-on mower that could two would be more appropriate.

“Aye, I’ve seen it, but they’re all reasonably new – and they’re not a  little grey Fergie – something with a bit of character and as simple as a mule.” I responded.

Twenty minutes passed, I sat at the PC above the garage and an email landed in my inbox, from Suz who was sat at her desk pulling a late one in the house. It was an advert for a little grey Fergie, a TE D20 to be precise – the D denoting not diesel as one would imagine, but a petrol/evaporating oil combo engine. The price was good, and it was local. Suz was taunting me, but I wasn’t going to bite.

I locked up and entered the house. “So, do we own a tractor then?” queried Suz. “Eh?” I exclaimed. “I thought you were just joshing!”

That said, I questioned no more, and first thing in the morning called the number in the ad. A young lad answered, and later that morning I’d whizzed over to meet the little grey Fergi, sat at a Fergi specialist workshop. It had been rescued from a greenhouse where it had been sat for ten years, with another. The other had been broken for parts, but the young lad had convinced the owner of the workshop that this one would run, and sure enough so she does! A bit of bartering, and a flatbed trip to Merrybower thrown in, and the deal was done. So we’re now the proud owners of a 1951 little grey Fergi, sounds reasonably good, the PTO and hydraulics work, though someone has welded up the adjustable arm at the back. She needs a coat of paint at some stage, but we’ll start with cleaning and replacing engine bits before we even start to think along those lines. First and foremost she’ll be used to cart stuff to and from the orchard, manure from outside Merrybower, apples to the house, maybe even a spot of ploughing of the hay meadow, Can’t wait! I expect when you own something like this you’ll find uses for it! Needless to say though, I’m dead chuffed!

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