One Step at a Time - A Tiny Derbyshire Smallholding

Orchard Tree Records

Current Orchard Planting Scheme

Below is the current planting scheme for our orchard trees, including plot number and tree name (click the image for a PDF version). Fruit type is indicated by colour – light green = apple, dark green = pear, purple = plum, red = cherry.













Orchard Tree Spreadsheet

We keep a spreadsheet of the current trees in our orchard, and results from walking the orchard. The link below will open the spreadsheet as a PDF, giving many details for each tree, including fruiting details, disease resistance, pollination groups and so on.

Orchard Tree Spreadsheet

Clicking on a tree name in the initial orchard list will take you to an individual page for that tree, where we keep records of any findings on our orchard walks. This is where we also give each tree an arbitrary ‘health number’ – 0 is in fine fettle, 5 is ready for the chop. It’s harsh, but it’s a good indicator to immediately see how each tree was doing, and which to concentrate on for the next walk.