One Step at a Time - A Tiny Derbyshire Smallholding

Welcome to Merrybower Homestead

Heirloom Fruit

With our heirloom orchard now in full production, we have over eighty fruit and nut trees. Almost every one a different, and older, variety that is hard to find in the average shop or market.

From the local Newton Wonder culinary apple from Kings Newton to the distant melt-in-the-mouth Beurre Hardy classic French Pear.

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Ancestral Canine

We proudly stock Ancestral Canine specialist dog food, a range of hypoallergenic, complete dry dog foods, with varieties suitable for adults, puppies and seniors, all wheat gluten free across the entire range. Rice and oats, which are low gluten grains and healthy for most adult dogs, have been used in the recipes, along with vegetables and herbs, making the foods palatable and easy to digest.

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Garden Gate Sales

Outside the house we sell chicken, duck and occasionally guinea fowl eggs. We also sell any surplus fruit and vegetables from the allotment. All produce is grown without the use of chemicals.

Rare Breed Poultry

As part of our orchard pest management, our rare breed poultry help us in return for food and shelter – it’s a win win relationship. Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about them.

About this Website

This website began as a way for us to record everything we’ve done here at Merrybower; an aid to memory for what we do, when we’ve done it, and why, so hopefullay we can learn from our successes, and our mistakes.

As life continues, it has a tendency to become richer, and busier. A small vegetable patch grew into an allotment. Two fruit trees grew in to over eighty. Four rescue chickens grew into a few breeds of chickens, geese, ducks and rabbits (plus the odd waif or stray that finds us).

Today we live as much as we can from the food grown here. Any spare we give away to friends and family, swap with fellow growers, or sell over the garden gate.

Whilst the lifestyle can be quite solitary, the advent of the internet has meant we each can learn so much more, and so much quicker, from others carrying on in a similar fashion, throughout the world. The amount of knowledge people are happy to share is quite staggering, and humbling. Here at Merrybower, alongside the ubiquitous Complete Book of Self Sufficiency by John Seymour, and other specialist books, sits the computer. This opens up literally millions of live books people are writing every day, from which we can all cherry pick the nuggets of information that may help us in our own particular situation. Hopefully someone somewhere might find a nugget or two in our own scribblings, to help smooth their journey just a tad.


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