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West of England Geese

The West of England goose, like the Pilgrim goose, is a true autosexing breed. The ganders are white, with traces of grey on his back and flight feathers, and the geese are predominantly white on breast and flanks, with a grey saddle. As goslings the males have orange beaks, whereas the females have grey patches on the beak.

It’s an ideal beginner’s goose in that it is relatively docile in nature, but the ganders can be defensive during the breeding season, as can all geese! They have so much in common with the Pilgrim goose – stature, size, colouring, autosexing attributes, that it is often thought the two breeds are related, with some surmising that the common-of-old West of England is part of an older common farmyard heritage of autosexing geese that may have been taken to America when Europeans first colonised it. They lay around 30-40 eggs a year and grow quickly, making them a good bird for the smallholder who wants eggs, meat, mowing and an intruder-alert system all-in-one.


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