One Step at a Time - A Tiny Derbyshire Smallholding

Light Sussex Bantams

Having the same gentle disposition of their larger counterparts, our bantam Light Sussex chickens are a pleasure to watch. Whilst the large fowl are a bit ‘ploddy’, the bantams have more energy, essentially Light Sussex on fast-forward. Bantam eggs aren’t really that much smaller than a full-sized hen’s egg, and are great for making Scotch eggs with, or for pickling (they fill the gaps left by larger eggs!). They will do absolutely anything for treats (mealworms anyone?), who said love can’t be bought?

The more observant of you will have noticed that there are two large fowl Light Sussex imposters in the images above. They took a shine to the bantam cock and we haven’t the heart to separate them. They’re actually hybrid looky-likeys, quite a bit slimmer and flightier than our true Light Sussex large fowl.


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