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Ancestral Canine

As the owners of Penny, an energetic Newfoundland cross Flat Coat Retriever, we know what it’s like to have a dog that has a delicate stomach – and the ramifications for all concerned. This new range of Ancestral Canine specialist dog food has been developed particularly for dogs that would benefit from a hypoallergenic food source.

Ancestral Canine, a full range of hypoallergenic, complete dry dog foods, with varieties suitable for adults, puppies and seniors, is all wheat gluten free across the entire range. Rice and oats, which are low gluten grains and healthy for most adult dogs, have been used in the recipes, along with vegetables and herbs, making the foods palatable and easy to digest.

Ancestral Canine “Pack Leader” and “Fish Supper” both hold pride of place as the premium, wheat gluten and cereal free recipes, great for all dogs but especially suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies, or those with grain intolerances.

The range we stock is listed below. If you have another item from the parent range you would like us to stock, please do get in touch.

As we’re a working smallholding, all we ask is you drop us a quick phone call on 07941 905796 to let us know you’re popping in, to make sure we have it in stock and that we’re not out in the patch working.

Free delivery within the parishes of Barrow upon Trent, Twyford & Stenson.

Ancestral Canine Menu

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For Grumpy Old Dogs

button_dogfood_twilightyears “Twilight Years” – 15kg – £29.00


For Adult Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs (cereal & grain free)

button_dogfood_packleader“Pack Leader” – 15kg – £36.00


button_dogfood_fishsupper“Fish Supper” – 15kg – £35.00


For Working Adult Dogs (rice & oats – wheat gluten free)

button_dogfood_chickensupreme“Chicken Supreme” – 15kg – £29.00


button_dogfood_chickendinner“Chicken Dinner” – 15kg – £29.00


button_dogfood_salmondinner“Salmon Dinner” – 15kg – £30.00


For Young Upstarts

button_dogfood_youngones“Young Ones” – 15kg – £30.00