One Step at a Time - A Tiny Derbyshire Smallholding

Heirloom Fruit

With our heirloom orchard now in full production, we have over eighty fruit and nut trees. Almost every one a different, and older, variety that is hard to find in the average shop or market.

From the local Newton Wonder culinary apple from Kings Newton to the distant melt-in-the-mouth Beurre Hardy classic French Pear.

The old French Catillac cooking pear (1665) – which cooks to perfection for traditional French dishes, and the old English Devonshire Quarrenden dessert apple (1676) – a small deep red and sweet dessert apple, perfect for lunch boxes, to the most modern Elton Beauty eating apple (1952), a crisp and sweet dessert apple with a refreshingly sharp twist.

You’d like the perfect puree? You need a Catshead apple (1629), distinctly shaped and very large!

The perfect English cooking pear? The Black Worcester (1575) – our oldest variety, and beautiful when cooked. It predates the French influence on English pears, and retains the hard texture so suited to cooking.

We have a wide range of fruit to get your teeth into – just contact us for more information.