Welcome to Merrybower Homestead

We are what we like to call a “Tinyholding” in South Derbyshire. We have lived here since 2007 and have created our homestead from bare earth, literally. We have surrounded ourselves with edible hedgerows, actively encourage wildlife and do our best to live alongside everything else here. We grow our own food, and produce fruit for sale locally. It’s a balancing act, but then life always is!

Below you can learn more about our offerings, and a bit about us. For the ongoing story you can always visit the About Us page. Enjoy your stay.

Our offerings

Garden Gate Sales

That’s it folks! We have nothing for sale from this season’s growing – all of our fruit is off the trees and the veggie patch is being tucked up for winter. Thank you to everyone who has passed by to buy fruit from us over this crazy year!

Latest about


First Foray into the Allotment in 2021

And so it begins! So far this year has been great – not too much rain (after the very wet winter), and enough warmth on the back to make outside work pleasurable. We’re getting into a great rhythm with the planting, despite last year being an odd one where so much extra was added to […]


2018 Cider No.2 Pressing Day

The Picking It all started out with a sunny day, as it usually does. Unless it’s raining, which hasn’t been that often this year, really. Cider No.2 has typically been a “pick the apples mid October, press them end of October” thing. This year the condensed but intense growing period in the summer has forced the […]



What a winter for the chooks! With the avian flu pandemic they were only allowed out of their covered runs this April, several months literally cooped up. This is how is should be, them running free below the orchard, scratching up over-wintered bugs, fertilising the ground and providing us with fresh eggs, in exchange for […]

food & drink

2019 Cider No.2

With all the kerfuffle over the confounded Covid-19 virus, cider bottling was put to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list. Before it all kicked off, we’d managed to bottle two ferementers – No.4, a small 30 litre fermenter, and No.1, one of the new Speidel 60 litre fermenters. Today we finally got round to No.2 […]