New Fencing

Wanting to bring the chickens closer to the house over winter, we decided to make some chicken/duck proof paddocks at the back of the cottages, using weldmesh fencing. At the moment we have a partially temporary hard surface running along the paddocks, but we’ll lay a blue brick path to join the two areas that are already bricked, to help cut down on the mud-trunching in the winter!

Come spring we’ll seed the bare patches. The blue brick path will be laid where there are currently temporary yellow slabs, and the top soil we’ll remove from there will be added to one of the paddocks where the five-bar gate is, as the ground has a low spot which holds water in winter time.


Paddock Fencing NorthwardsPaddock Fencing North Eastwards Paddock Fencing Southwards Paddock Fencing Northwards Close

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