Chickens rehomed :)

With the paddock area now fenced off I could set to work moving the chooks’ coop and run into it – fresh grass for one and all! I started by stripping down the coop, cleaning it thoroughly with a Jeye’s fluid dilution and then repainting it with a water-based wood preserver which would dry before they were rehomed in it for the evening. I then dug up the run, which has a mesh skirt all around it to deter digging animals – foxes in particular. This skirt goes down about 6 inches, then out perpendicular to the ground by about a foot. The run was then carried (dragged) by yours truly to its new home on the east-facing wall, so the chooks get the benefit of the morning sun but won’t cook ( in the warmer afternoon sun come summertime. It’s going to be so much better than their current north-facing location which ended up a bit of a mire.

For now I’m using temporary netting to contain them, but on my ever-expanding list of things-to-do we’ll put in fence posts on which we can hang chicken net hurdles. These will partition them off from one grazing paddock to the next, so we can alternate them every 6 weeks to keep down risk of disease, and we can remove them completely if we open it to sheep grazing in the future. We’re thinking of also planting some half-standard fruit trees here as well, for some shelter.

I have to say, they do love their new home, like pigs in muck…except they’re chickens…on grass…

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