Digging & Sowing & Digging

The weather has been incredible the last few days – today literally no clouds to be seen – even contrails were nowhere to be seen thanks to the volcano eruption in Iceland stopping the planes from East Midlands Airport taking off – hurrah 🙂

Suz and I hoed over the soon-to-be brassica patch for the first time, to let the sun do its job on the weeds, and rehoed other bits – any excuse to stay out in the sun! After a few hours of digging and sowing, the picnic hamper Suz brought down to the field was oh-so welcome 🙂

After lunch, as part of a staggered sowing I sowed more carrots (F1 Maestro), Beetroot (F1 Kestrel), Peas (Hurst Green Shaft), Broad Beans (Imperial Green Longpod), and Mangetout (Oregon Sugar Pod). As a sidenote, the broadbeans and mangetout are doing ok, but the first sowing of Hurst Green Shaft have been quite disappointing – only 5 shoots are visible. It’ll be interesting to see if this sowing is any more successful in germinating.

The digging continued with forking over the old chicken run area and regrassing it – it’s good to feel like you’re on top of things!

Talking of being on top of things – the twitch issue in the part of the allotment that was destined to be the fruit area has put a spanner in the works. We already have fruit bushes on their way – raspberry canes, currant bushes, rhubarb, strawberries and gooseberries – so a home is needed for them elsewhere. In the meantime, the twitch is so bad down the side where the existing hedgerow and headland are, that we’re going to resort to using Roundup on it. Having cleared anything green poking through the surface in preparation for planting, we now have to wait for the twitch to regrow enough leaves for Roundup to be effective, so I’ll put off using it until July-ish. Come autumn I’ll dig over the cleared patch, and see what grows there weed-wise next spring, to see if we’re clear.

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