Asparagus & Potatoes

Possibly a bit late – we’ll wait and see – but seed potatoes arrived from Dobies to fill the space we’ve left in the allotment patch. I put in another 4 rows of:

I think it’s safe to assume there will be garden-gate sales of potatoes this year!

The last, but most definitely not least, thing to go in was two varieties of asparagus:

  • Stewart Purple
  • Pacific 2000

Having never seen an asparagus root, it was quite a fascinating process planting them and they look pretty weird as well – a cross between an octopus, a dreadlock wig and and alien! If looked after well this bed will last around 20 years, so whilst they’ve been slotted in to the proposed brassica patch they’ll sit tight, along with the Jerusalem Artichokes next door, for several years. Below is a series of photos showing the planting process – a trench 12″ wide and 8″ deep is dug, a 4″ high mound if made in the middle over which the asparagus crowns are draped, then soil backfilled to around 2″ over the crowns and patted down gently. As the spears start to show, the remaining soil is earthed up over them.

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