Hoeing fruit patch and twitch!

Agh! The last plot to hoe and turn over is was the fruit patch. Having spent a couple of days double digging the grassed section of it, and hoeing the surface weeds out of the rest of it, we discovered twitch (couch grass) spreading into the patch from the headland and hedgerow. I thought we might be able to salvage some of the prepared ground to plant something, but it’s so far in that, having talked to farmer John, we decided to leave that patch to regrow its weeds and use Roundup on it. I hate the thought of using chemicals, but with so much else going on I feel it’s necessary. He talked of the old way of doing things would be to plough the land seven times in one growing season, which would eventually chop the rhizomes up into pieces too small to regrow…eventually. That being said, it lost them a growing season on the affected land in the process.

Meanwhile, on Gary & Liz’s patch, Gary just played chicken with the water sprayer thingie. Kids!

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